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We help cities
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To advance equity

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To improve community engagement

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To bring innovative solutions to address chronic problems

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Turning civic dreams into action 

through creativity

for a just future.

Our Vision

We partner to build more equitable places and civic systems that care.


We collaborate with government staff, artists, and communities and create artistically designed civic engagement tools based in research to support and advance your work.

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Our Work
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Bee Real Bee Everywhere,

Amanda Lovelee

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AIRG in action:

Pop Up Meeting by

Amanda Lovelee

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Mirror Casket, Mallory Rukhsana Nezam

Hear what others have to say about CAIR Lab

“The CAIR Lab team has come together in a moment when government needs every resource at its disposal to think outside of the box, create empathetic policies and programs, and dream new futures for its most vulnerable residents. They bring a wealth of knowledge at the intersection of policy, practice, arts, community development, and are translators extraordinaire – able to speak the languages of culture, creativity, and bureaucracy to foster meaningful partnerships in which everyone benefits. There aren’t many teams I would equally trust with research, broad AND deep strategy, and program implementation, but this group is firing on all cylinders to help bring the work of artists to where it is needed most in our society.

Lyz Crane,

Deputy Director & program lead on local government work, ArtPlace America (former)

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