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Articles and materials that we contributed to or have influenced us
  • CAIR Lab Writing on AIR Programs
    How Artists Help Build Equitable, Empathetic Infrastructure, Amanda Lovelee, Mallory Rukhsana Nezam, and Johanna K. Taylor, Next City, 2021 A New Tool to Advance Equity: Artists in Residence in Government, Mallory Rukhsana Nezam and Johanna K. Taylor, ICMA, Local Government Review, 2021
  • AIR Strategies & Analysis: Academic Perspectives
    Art Practice as Policy Practice: Framing the Work of Artists Embedded in Government, Johanna K. Taylor, Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, 2021 Artists as Public Sector Entrepreneurs, Jessica Sherrod Hale and Joanna Woronkowicz, Small Business Economics, 2020 Embedded Aesthetics: Artist-in-Residencies as Sites of Discursive Struggle and Social Innovation, Michael Lithgow and Karen Wall, Seismopolite: Journal of Art and Politics, 2017
  • AIR Program Evaluations
    Creative Strategist Program Evaluation, LA County Department of Arts and Culture, 2021 How Artists Change the City: The City of Boston Artists-in-Residence Program Three Year Program Evaluation, Sherman Cultural Strategies, 2021 Boston Artists-in-Residence Year in Review, 2020-21 Creative CityMaking Minneapolis, Adaptive Action Evaluation, Rainbow Research, 2016
  • AIR Artist Perspectives & Documentation
    WSDOT Residency Materials, Mary Welcome and Kelly Greogory, 2021 Julia Weist’s “Public Record” Probes the Impact of Artists on Cities, Cassie Packard, Hyperallergic, 2021 Who Are the Naturally Occurring Artists in Your Municipal Agency? Elizabeth Hamby, 2018
  • AIR Strategies & Analysis: Artist & Arts Organization Perspectives
    6 Reasons Government Should Collaborate with Artists, Mallory Rukhsana Nezam, Medium, 2019 Artist Residencies in the Public Realm: A resource guide for creating residencies and fostering successful collaborations, Office of Public Art, Pittsburgh, PA, 2014 Making Space for Artists in Government, Diya Vij, A Blade of Grass: Growing Dialogue, 2016 Municipal Artist Partnerships, A Relationship Guide, Animating Democracy and A Blade of Grass, 2019 Problem Solving Through Arts and Culture Strategies: Creative Placemaking Guidance for Local Governance, ICMA, 2020
Tools to get you started

These tools were created by CAIR Lab to get you started. If you have questions on how to use them or how to pursue next steps, please reach out to us at email address. Please credit CAIR Lab when using these proprietary free resources

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